Back on Tour

Hello! I hope 2015 is treating you well so far. 

I’m heading back on the road with Bellowhead in April so my jobs this week include buying new strings, digging out the sparkly shoes and finding things to do on the road…most likely knitting socks. I’m so cool! We had a great (but quite long) tour in November – here we are with our brilliant crew. We couldn’t do it without them! Thanks to everyone who came along and made it such good fun.


Check out all the tour dates and some upcoming Tony Bengtsson Band gigs here.

We’ve also got a new single out to coincide with the tour. It’s called Roll Alabama and it’s probably my favourite song on the album and great fun to play live. Here’s the video for it filmed in November by Mountain Pictures. See if you can spot yourself in the crowd!

That’s all for now, do come and say hello if you come to see Bellowhead on tour. We might even play a few tunes in a pub somewhere so feel free to buy me a soda water!

Rachael x

One thought on “Back on Tour

  1. Rachael, while you are packing for the tour I would like to request a “revival” of the beaded choker you wore during the Hedonism years. #fav #styleicon

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