The Transports


I hope you’ve all had a lovely summer. It’s been festival-free for me this year…but really good fun! I’ve enjoyed sitting in the sunshine in my garden, playing my new viola, learning new songs and playing with my kitten Artie Fluffkin who you can see over on my Twitter page. It’s been a bit of a strange summer without Bellowhead…but I’ve been busy and have lots of exciting things to tell you about over the coming months. So here’s the first one…

I’m really looking forward to being involved in a new production of Peter Bellamy’s The Transports. I’ll be singing the role of Susannah alongside a brilliant cast featuring Bellowhead buddies Paul Sartin and Benji Kirkpatrick, as well as Saul Rose, The Young ‘Uns, Nancy Kerr, Greg Russell and Matthew Crampton. What a line up! Tickets go on sale very soon and you can find more out here.


Lots more exciting news to come soon! 🙂

Rachael x

One thought on “The Transports

  1. Good luck with this, it looks very exciting! I’m being kept in under doctor’s orders at present but if I’m allowed out by February I’ll be at Cecil Sharp. I’m missing Bellowhead too!

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